Property 12 " A House at the 3rd St. Fountain " answers

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There is a hint in the toilets, well it's a little bit disgusting but please check it out ...


There a few mysterious symbols behind the evil spirit, note them.

There are two walls, one having button symbols, another one having four glowing round-shaped objects. Input the button with the glowing the order. 


Living Room

A paper stuck on the wall, note the hint.

There are hints about the representative button of the mysterious symbols behind the evil spirit, note them. Substitute them into the hint hidden by the evil spirit.


Storage Room

There are five button symbols on the wall, please referred to the hint found at the Living Room. By using the Spell of Clarity you could see the hidden part, note the representative button of each room.

Beware of the direction of the floor-plan, place the floor-plan along the hint's north pointer sign. According to the hint hidden at the Corridor, two of the mysterious symbols is known.

There are three more mysterious symbols is unknown, their shape would be the same as the rooms does. For these three mysterious symbols substitute the representative button for that room and form the spell.


The correct answer is、、

Spell of TransportationCorridor AA↑↑
Spell of Transportation「Living Room」 XAYB
Spell of Transportation「Storage Room」 ↓AB↓AB
Spell of Clarity「X-Ray」 ↓←→↑A
Spell of ExorcismEradicate ↓↓←AB↑