Property 16 " The Hexagonal Library " answers

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The First Room

Note the hints written on the door.

Two notes on the same door I related, note them. Whenever you found a book with a bookmark, note down its cover and the button symbol printed on the bookmark.


Hint for the Spell of Transportation

The floor-plan for this stage is in a honeycomb shape, other than the bottom of the floor-plan each side of the floor-plan would having a few lines run through a row of hexagons. Those lines are representing the coordinate notation of the hexagon-shaped rooms, each line would have one representative button. 

In this property, there are three types of rooms grouped by the mysterious symbol drawn on the floor. For each group of rooms, they have an individual spell constructive method. The coordinate notation is created based on the representative button of the lines.

e.g: The first room, types Room of the Concentric-circle.

Spell of Transportation「YA↓」, spell constructive method: 「Left-axis【A】Mid-axis【↓】right-axis【Y】」.

Hint for the Spell of Transportation ( Room of the six-petals-flower symbol)

You could found a picture of a hexagon with a few lines run through the midpoint. These lines are placed same as the lines run through the floor-plan. It is showing the spell constructive method for the Room of the six-petals-flower symbol.

The lines on the hexagon are telling us which line we should refer to, the number printed in a single-line, double-line or a dotted-line, they are the input order of the representative buttons.


BOSS Room~

Try your best to draw the boss as a reference or take a screenshot......

In the previous room we could see a few books with a bookmark, the cover of the book is one of a part of the boss body. The bookmark would be the answers of the Yes/No question. Identify the correct shapes of the boss body, circle the correct answer for later use. A picture printed on the right-top-corner of the floor-plan shows a few shapes that formed the boss, which might help you to solve the question. 

The buttons to form the command is know but you need a hint for the input order. There is a picture printed on the right-bottom-corner of the floor-plan, which look similar to one of a hint in the game. Combined two hints into one, you could found the input order, substitute the buttons for the body parts.


Hint for the Spell of Exorcism

In the first room of the Hexagram symbol, you could see a hint that showing the middle of the floor-plan would be the second Room of the Hexagram symbol.

Try to figure out the spell constructive method for the Room of the Hexagram symbol by the command bring you to this room, a 5 digit command could be formed with that spell constructive method.



The correct answer is、、

Spell of TransportationThe First Room YA↓
Spell of Transportation「X A →」 XA→
Spell of Transportation「A Y ↑」 AY↑
Spell of Transportation「Y X ↑」 YX↑
Spell of Transportation「← B ← B」 ←B←B
Spell of Transportation「→ B → Y」(BOSS) →B→Y
Spell of Transportation「A ↓ Y A ↓」 A↓YA↓
Spell of ExorcismEradicate X↓BX↓