Property 17 " Morse Tower " answers

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Ant Hall

In this property when you close your eyes(under the command input interface), you could hear the Morse-code representing that room.

There is a table of  “Alphabet to Morse-code”, please use it to convert the Morse-code in the alphabet(s) or words. Note what you hear on the floor-plan.

A barcode pattern on the double door is a group of Morse-code in a visual form, covert it into a four-digits command. 

Swan Hall~Bear Hall

Note what you hear and see on the floor-plan.

A hint with the illustrations of the ant, swan, and bear. Substitute the representative Morse-code result into the list of illustrations. A four digits command could be formed.



There are three painting on the walls, each of them having two representative buttons below it. Note what you hear and see on the floor-plan.

The morse-code should be matched to one of the painting, and the button symbol below it would be the representative buttons for this room.

A hint on the door is similar to the hint at the Bear Hall, both of them is a cube without the upper face. Think about the faces in gray would be the interior. As the number is the input order and the illustrations on the exterior face would be the button that should be input. Substitute the representative button for the illustrations and form a 5-digits command.


Closed Hall

Take a look to the picture with a ⑥ mark, printed on the floor-plan. The illustrations on two-sides of the bear look like the BOSS and the spacing show us, the command would be five digits. Think about BOSS(a) + bear + BOSS(b).

The correct answer is、、

Spell of Transportation「Swan Hall」 XBAY
Spell of Transportation「Bear Hall」 Y↑Y↓Y
Spell of Transportation「? Hall」 XYAXY
Spell of Transportation「Closed Hall」 XA↓←AY
Spell of ExorcismEradicate ABAXY