Property 20 " Final Labyrinth of Stripes " answers

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Suggestion: Before starting this stage, please cut out all the parts from the second page and prepare tapes.

Door of Various Forms

There are four type of doors and each type of door's representative button could be found on the note the first page of the floor-plan.

First, identify which floor-plan suits the room you are staying at. Note the placement of the doors and its representative button on the floor-plan. Suggestion, note the stripes direction on it as well.

Referred to the hint on the right-bottom-corner of the first page of floor-plan,  the route walking through the doors formed a 4 digits command.

Two to One

Identify which floor-plan suits the room you are staying at, again and note all the information you might need.

The doors in this room are in blue color as the room of Door of Various Forms does assume these two rooms are connected, merge two floor-plan into one and use a tape to fix them.

Referred to the hint on the right-bottom-corner of the first page floor-plan,  the route walking through the doors of two rooms and formed a 5-digits command.


Come to Light

There are two groups of glowing panel on the walls, most of them are blank and two of them are having a mysterious symbol.

These two groups of hints need to refer to the 5x5 square table on the first page. Match the mysterious symbol on the table. The cell of the mysterious symbol should be replaced but A/B/X/Y. Input the button by the panel growing order, both of the hints should be able to form a 6-digits command.

The Other Side of The Wall

The destination for two of the Spell of Transportation from "Come to Light" looks like a rectangle-shaped room, but actually one of it would be an L-shaped room.

There are two pieces of L-shaped floor-plan, try to use the one with arrows. Using the same theory,  the route walking through the doors could form a command of Spell of Clarity

Spell of Clarity could hide the fake door and blockers from your vision, the paper talisman would be hidden. A hint needs to take a reference on the first page of the floor-plan, it could form a 6 digits command.

Go to the room all over again and use the Spell of Clarity to find some new hints.

The Secret of The Door

rectangle-shaped room, need to refer to two pieces of pictures on the second page, merge the picture. 

All of the doors looks the same, try to use the Spell of Clarity to find out the truth and form a 5 digits command.

5 Tips

By using the Spell of Clarity, the fake door and blockers would be hidden from your vision

Find the hints stuck of the walls on different rooms. Be careful when you take the notes, these group of hint is "a column for five rows". Also, beware of the north-pointer sign for each hint.


The Mystery of Stripes

The correct combination of the floor-plans could form the overall property shape in a square and the stripes between rooms are connected.

Five pieces of "a column for five rows", when they groups together their spacing should be the same as the property floor-plan does.

Beware of the north-pointer sign when you group the five "columns". There would not have numbers is every single cell. Suggested to write down the numbers on the floor-plan groups and fill in the numbers for the blank cell, please check the photo below for a sample.


Merge three pieces of pictures on the second page could form a card with numbers, mysterious symbol and north-pointer sign. This would be the last riddle for forming the Spell of Exorcism. The numbers could be found from the result of the "columns" groups. The representative buttons for the number need to refer to the square table on the first page of floor-plan.

The representative button for the numbers could be found on the same cell of the square table on the first page, place the floor-plan group on top of it.

Substitute the representative button for the number and symbol on the card. The last Spell of Exorcism, a 7-digits command should be able to form.



The correct answer is、、

Spell of TransportationTwo to One XYBA
Spell of Transportation「Come to Light」 BYAXY
Spell of Transportation「The Other Side of The Wall」 XYABAY
Spell of Transportation「The Secret of The Door」 AAXXAX
Spell of Transportation「5 Tips」 ↑↓↓↓↑
Spell of Clarity「X-Ray」 BAXB
Spell of TransportationThe Mystery of Stripes ↑→XB←A
Spell of ExorcismEradicate XXBABX↑