Property3 "Villa of Beginnings 3F" answers

Warning: This article may contain spoiling information. 

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Room 301

The hints might in a small size, use the zoom function by pressing the ZL or ZR button. Take a close look of the symbol of buttons on the wall you might found something new.

Room 302

The mysterious symbols are a kind of hint. For the hints with similar outlook or placement might be related. Match the symbol to the corresponding button and note it.

When you found a symbol, note it. This habit would help you to reuse the command.

Other than the Spell of Exorcism and the Spell of Transportation, there are other spells for a special purpose. For an example, the Spell of Clarity, by using this, the paper talisman or other blockers would be hidden for a certain time.

Room 303

The spells which have been discovered could be used anywhere in that property. 

Please read the floor-plan carefully, you might find the commands or hints on it.

The correct answer is、、

Spell of TransportationRoom 302 BXAY
Spell of ClarityX-ray ←AX↑
Spell of Transportation「Room 303」 →←↓↑

Spell of ExorcismEradicate