Property 6 "The Forgotten Museum" answers

Warning: This article may contain spoiling information. 

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Noisy Dining Table

There are two painting on the walls, one of it is a dining table with fruits and tableware. The placement of the fruits and tableware would be the same to the Joy-cons. Note the button and its representative object.

eg. The corresponding button for  "cherry"  would be  "".

Another painting would be a hint for a Spell of Transportation, try to substitute the button for the fruits.


Rules and Order

A painting with a regimental pattern tablecloth, try to combine the hint on the game screen and the hint printed on the floor-plan. The photo printed on the floor-plan would have three hands, their pointing direction would show the input order for four objects. 


Still Life on Plate

There are five objects drawn on the painting, for this hint you have to concede the painting of birds in the previous room. 

The details on walls and the floor-plan, shown that two of the painting are on the same wall but the different side. 

Be aware of the placement of fruits, tableware, and birds. Imagine seeing through the wall from this room. The numbers of birds show the input order of the command.

e.g. Wine Glass = "↓" and its input order is 5th (5 birds).


Man Waiting For Dinner

The painting with six plates would be the hint for the Spell of Exorcism. The 1st plate having two strawberries. The 3rd plate having four pairs of cherries. The 6th plate having seven apples. 

Consider ordering the fruits by its number shown in this museum, using the hint on another painting to go back to the room of "Noisy Dining Table" and count the numbers of each kind of fruit. 

Be aware of the shadow on the painting of "Noisy Dining Table", take referents from your floor-plan before you start to count the number of fruits for all rooms.

The correct answer is、、

Spell of Transportation「Rules and Order」 ↑YX→
Spell of Transportation「Still Life on Plate」 B↓←Y
Spell of Transportation「Man Waiting For Dinner」 →Y←A↓
Spell of Transportation「Noisy Dining Table」 B↓↓
Spell of ExorcismEradicate AX↑Y→B