Property 8 "Grove Clinic" answers

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Waiting Room


There is a "Ghost Leg" drawn on the wall which is the same as the one printed on the floor-plan. Please refer to the floor-plan, the numbers1~5 have been written on the upper part of the "Ghost Leg"  they would be the starting point of drawing the "Ghost Leg". 

In order to find out a 5-digits Spell of Discernment, you have to draw five times from different starting point.

You can find the goal from the reflection on the floor.


Corridor of The Door


There are three doors with the different pattern on the wall, the keys printed on the floor-plan would having the same pattern with them. Please cut out the keys from the floor-plan and place them along the direction of the key-shaped shadow for each of the door. The button pattern printed on the keys would be the representative button of that type of door. Note the representative button for each type of door.

By using the Spell of Discernment you could see there is a paper stuck on some of the doors, find them and note it. As the number written on the paper would be the spell input order, try to substitute the representative button for the doors to form a 5-digits command.


Consultation Room


By using the Spell of Discernment you could see a few groups of footsteps, mark their location and direction on the floor-plan. Cut out the rooms from the floor-plan as puzzles,  form the real floor-plan of this property by the route of the footsteps.


The location of footstep shows the buttons should be input, the route shows its input order.



The correct answer is、、

Spell of DiscernmentTrace BA↑X→
Spell of Transportation「Corridor of The Door」 X→YABA
Spell of Transportation「Consultation Room」 →↑←↑→
Spell of ExorcismEradicate XBAXYB