Property 10 " Overlapping Reception Hall " Answers

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There is a command written on the door in blue and a hint on the door in yellow, note them before you use them.

Note the doors location, color, and design for each room on this property.

Main Hall

Note the hint on the double door in red.

The door in blue here is connected to the door in the Foyer, they have the same design and color. So their hints are related. Note the corresponding commands for the mysterious symbols. By using them you should be able to use the hints on the yellow door in the Foyer.


The hint on the wall looks almost the same as the second page of the floor-plan, and its related to the Trick Room.

On the top of the second page, you can see six doors. Match the colors shown on the hint to the doors on the floor-plan. Find the door that matches the requirement (color and design) by using your notes.

Use the ruler on the second page of the floor plan, follow the requirements and measure the distance between doors one-by-one. After five times of measuring, you should form a 5-digit command.

Trick Room

There is a trick on the floor-plan, some space is overlapped and you have to fold the second page, try to make the floor-plan match the room in the game.

Note the hint on the wall and match it with the hint found on the double door in red.


Using the same theory, measure the distance between doors, form a 5-digit spell by using the hint on the wall and the measured result.


The correct answer is...

Spell of Transportation「Main Hall MIDE
Spell of Transportation「Kitchen」 MEDIA
Spell of Transportation「Trick Room」 BUDED
Spell of Transportation「Corridor PADEMOI
Spell of ExorcismEradicate OBEIR