Property 13 " Thirteen Dimensional Gallery " Answers

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There are four boxes with “G”, “P”, “R”, “Y” and different colors. They have another box corresponding to the command on your keyboard.

When referencing the floor-plan, you will see a picture of a clown. Consider which ball would fall into which of the pits, the resulting number is the hint for the input order.

White Cube

The command written on the wall will bring you back to the Entrance.

Using the same theory. Reference the floor-plan again, you will see the hint that the worker is pushing the boxes. Consider which box would fall into the pit first. The layer on top shows the commands that are supposed to be inputted. You should not forget to add "I" and "A" to the commands on the floor-plan.

Main Gallery

There are four kinds of fruits painted on the wall, think about what each of their signature colors is, substitute the commands for those colors.

Spell of Pigmentation -- Colorize

Go back to other rooms once again, use the Spell of Pigmentation to discover more hints.

The hints from the Entrance and Main Gallery are related to the hints in the White Cube. Cast the spell based on the diamond shape and number hint found in the main gallery.

The correct answer is...

Spell of Transportation「Entrance」 KLOUN
Spell of Transportation「White Cube」 FUTO
Spell of Transportation「Main Gallery」 IUOTFA
Spell of Pigmentation「Colorize」 TOFU
Spell of ExorcismEradicate LOKUN