Property 14 " The Numerical Campsite " Answers

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On the floor-plan you can see, for each of the "凵-shaped" campsites, there is a group of numbers written. Those numbers are the Spell of Transportation for that campsite, convert the numbers into commands by using the table on the upper-left-corner to convert the numbers into the command.

Note the hint on each campsite, also note the view of the campsite by filling in color on the photo of the pillars.


The hint looks almost the same as the floor-plan does, there are numbers marked on the pillars.

Beware of the North-pointer, place the floor-plan in the same direction as the hint. Input the representative commands of the pillars in numerical order.



One of the hints contains a few rounded rectangles in red and white, with different heights and widths. They are a simplified representation of the view of the pillars, identity which pillars they are and input the corresponding commands. A 4-digit command will bring you to the next campsite.



There are six groups of rectangular puzzles, each group is a simplified representation of the view of the pillars from a campsite. And each campsite has the corresponding commands.

List out the campsite number first, then replace the campsite number by its corresponding command(s).

The correct answer is...

Spell of Transportation#398 RIS
Spell of Transportation「#594 KIJ
Spell of Transportation「#569 KEI
Spell of Transportation「#368」 RES
Spell of Transportation「#5916」 KINE
Spell of Transportation「#7620」 XEWU
Spell of Transportation「中央」 ZNCMX
Spell of ExorcismEradicate FAUXMYTH