Property 4 "Maison De Door" Answers

Warning: This article may contain spoilers. 

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If nothing happens when you input in a right-to-left order, the answer is likely incorrect. The placement of the numbers, letters, or symbols might show you the correct input order.


Guest room

If the hints provided in the game are not enough for solving the riddle, try to match the hints to the content on the floor-plan. You might find the command symbols under the paint on the floor-plan.


The last riddle is related to symbols on the doors, some of the letters are outside of this property and we can’t see them from the rooms themselves. The photos printed on the floor-plan might help to determine the letters for each symbol.

The remaining spell is an attack spell which is formed with these letters, you have to find the correct input order to trigger the spell.

The numbers on the paintings in the guest rooms are mirrored. There is a corresponding painting in the corridor which has the same color as the numbers do. Look at the floor-plan, you will find that two of the paintings are on the same wall but a different side.

Imagine seeing through the wall from the corridor, the number is flipped horizontally. The numbers show the input order of the letters that can be used to cast the spell.


The correct answer is...

Spell of Transportation「Guest Room」 FING
Spell of Transportation「Corridor」 PATO
Spell of ExorcismEradicate APRO