Property 5 "Mr. Kobeya's Mansion" Answers

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There are two hints on the wall, each of them representing a Spell of Transportation.



The command input order is usually represented in numbers. Note every hint discovered from different rooms, combine those hints to solve the riddles.

Combine the hints from the "L-Shaped Room" and "凸-Shaped Room", a four-letters "Spell of Transportation" could be formed and brings you to the Boss Room.

The two pictures above are hints from the "L-Shaped Room" and Boss Room. Both of them are a 3x2 table, use the numbers as the input order. Enter the corresponding commands.

e.g: The corresponding command for "1" would be the left-upper-cell "D".

Combine two memos into one, when they overlap the illustrations will look the same as the objects placed in this property. Refer to the floor-plan where the objects' locations have one letter printed. Using the same theory, substitute the correct letter with correct input order, a 6-letter "Spell of Exorcism" can then be cast.


The correct answer is...

Spell of Transportation「Somewhere...」

凸-Shaped Room


Spell of Transportation「Somewhere...」

L-Shaped Room


Spell of Transportation「Somewhere...


Spell of ExorcismEradicate ARROJO