Property 6 "The Forgotten Museum" Answers

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Noisy Dining Table

There is a painting of a dining table on the wall. Take a look at the floor-plan. You can see a similar picture that has a few letters on the plates with the same placement as the keyboard. Note the commands corresponding to the fruits in the painting.

Another painting has a hint for the "Spell of Transportation", try to substitute the commands for the objects.

Rules and Order

There is a painting with a few hands. Try to combine the hint on the game screen and the hint printed on the floor-plan. The pointing direction of the hands shows the input order for the our objects.


Still Life on Plate

There are five objects drawn on the painting, for this hint you have to count the birds on the painting in the previous room.

The details on the walls and the floor-plan show that two of the paintings are on the same wall but different sides.

Notice the placement of fruits tableware, and birds. Imagine seeing through the wall from this room. The numbers of birds show the input order of the command.

e.g. The command for Banana: it would be input 2nd (2 birds) in the order of input.

Man Waiting For Dinner

The painting with six plates is the hint for the "Spell of Exorcism". The 1st plate has two strawberries. The 3rd plate has four pairs of cherries. The 6th plate has seven apples. The order of the dishes is related to how many times a fruit is shown in this museum.

Use the hint on another painting to go back and count the number of each kind of fruit. Don't forget the pictures on your floor-plan.


The correct answer is...

Spell of Transportation

「Rules and Order」


Spell of Transportation

「Still Life on Plate」


Spell of Transportation

「Man Waiting For Dinner」


Spell of Transportation

「Noisy Dining Table」

Spell of ExorcismEradicate HFDIRU