Property 7 "Feyce Office Building" Answers

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There are a few boxes surrounding the command "J", they are the keys that are adjacent to the command "J" on a keyboard, identify the commands for those boxes.

The glowing order of the boxes is the hint for the command input order. Try to follow it and input the command.

Using the "Spell of Clarity" helps to see through the paper talisman. Match the hint on the game screen and the hint printed on the floor-plan, find out the input order of the mysterious symbols.


There are a few hints on the walls, the column of boxes in 1F represent a few buttons. Note the location and number of boxes in a column. Whenever you see the paper talisman, try to use the "Spell of Clarity" for more hints.


There are glowing panels on the walls, the glowing order indicates the input order. They are related to the building’s exterior, try to refer to the picture printed on the floor-plan.


The ceiling lamps and a window are glowing, this hint is related to the building exterior of 3F. A piece of puzzle is missing? Look at your foot using the "Spell of Clarity" on 4F and find the symbols. Combine the hints with the flashing order of the lamps. Then you will get the final spell.

The correct answer is...

Spell of ClarityX-Ray KHMIN
Spell of Transportation「2F」 PARAR
Spell of Transportation「4F」 VEFTO
Spell of Transportation「3F」 BUDUKU
Spell of ExorcismEradicate SLYSA