Property 9 " Pyramid B9F " Answers

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Entrance: The Deep Part of The Labyrinth

You can see there are seven commands written on the floor-plan, by using them you can move around in this property.

There are some mini pyramids floating in the air, note the Egyptian Hieroglyphs and their location on the floor-plan. Also, circle the Egyptian Hieroglyphs you find on the list on the right-hand side of the floor-plan.

Burial Chamber of The King

Use the Egyptian Hieroglyphs list on the right hand side of the floor-plan, draw a line across the Egyptian Hieroglyphs that you found in the property. From the first one near the Entrance, to the last one near the Burial Chamber of The King.

There are a few letters mixed up in the Egyptian Hieroglyphs’ list, enter those hinted characters by the touching them in the order of the line that you drew to form a 6-digit "Spell of Exorcism".


The correct answer is...

Spell of Transportation「Entrance」 BIDAYA
Spell of Transportation「Turning」 NASIJ
Spell of Transportation「Weave Road」 NIHAYA
Spell of Transportation「Dead End」 WASAT
Spell of Transportation「Central Part」 DWRAN
Spell of Transportation「Deep Part of The Labyrinth」 MUTAHA
Spell of Transportation「Burial Chamber of The King」 FIREAWN
Spell of ExorcismEradicate QATAL